The Spicer Electrified eS4500i e-Drive Unit combines a motor, inverter, gearbox, and thermal management in a complete e-Drive system.

Vehicle Market





eS4500i with MV360


Ideal for light commercial vehicles.

  • Maximum GVR: 1.9T
  • Maximum rpm: 14,000
  • Peak power: 180 kW
  • Maximum output torque: 4,500 Nm
Product Features
  • High-efficiency helical gears for extended electric driving range
  • Wide range of gear reduction ratios to enable optimization of vehicle acceleration and top speed
  • Adaptable motor flange interface and drop angle range
  • Adapts across a broad range of vehicle applications
  • Integral electronic ISO 26262 compliant parking mechanism
  • System weight: 88 kg
  • Speed: Single
  • Reduction ratios: 14.88, 11.83, 10.86, 9.13, and 7.71
  • Efficiency: Greater than 97 percent
System Benefits

Our full-system capabilities enable us to drive greater value for our customers.


Reduction in energy consumption for increased range or cost savings.

Market Synergies

Market synergies provide advantage in electrifying our offering across multiple applications.


Improved vehicle integration for optimized packaging space.


Weight reductions providing additional payload or more battery capacity.

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