By 2025, 12-25% of light
vehicles will be hybrid or BEV SOURCE: ROLAND BERGER
In 2030, the share of electrified vehicles could
range from 10-50% of new-vehicle sales SOURCE: MCKINSEY
Almost 30% of vehicle buyers in the
U.S. consider an EV purchase today SOURCE: MCKINSEY

Fully Integrated System

Dana is in a unique position to deliver all core elements of a complete, fully integrated electrified system in-house. Even if a customer isn’t looking for us to provide a complete system, our ability to do so allows us to efficiently develop components and modules that are optimized for seamless integration.

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Dana TM4

Dana’s TM4 brand offers low- and high-voltage electric motors, generators, power electronics, and control systems used in electric propulsion systems across all mobility markets. The brand was a pioneer in the development of electric propulsion system technology, and today, powers many of Dana's e-Propulsion systems and more.

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