The Spicer electrified ES10S e-Hub Drive utilize smaller, lighter, and more efficient permanent magnet electric motors to deliver the torque, output, and long-life performance required for industrial machinery and off-highway mobile equipment. The ES10S is a double planetary drive with a spring-applied, electronically released brake.

Vehicle Market



ES10S e-Hub Drive


Ideal for AWP Scissor Lifts, Automated Guided Vehicles, and Light Utility Equipment

  • A fully integrated electro-mechanical system
  • Compact length allows for greater design flexibility
  • Advanced motor technology for higher efficiency with compact size and weight
Product Features
  • Utilizes proven Spicer® Torque-Hub® drive designs
  • 1,000 Nm torque output in a small package size
  • Internal, spring-applied, electronically-released parking brake
  • IP65 motor ingress protection from environmental hazards
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