The Spicer Electrified 3e2 e-Gearbox is a solution that allows the use of high-speed TM4 motors with Spicer drivelines originally created for hydrostatic-driven vehicles. It is ideal as a transition solution enabling effective electrification with high modularity with conventional drivelines.

Vehicle Market



Spicer Electrified with TM4 3e2 e-Gearbox


Ideal for Construction Vehicles.

  • Maximum output speed: 3600 rpm
  • Peak output torque: 1400 Nm
  • Peak output power: 100 kW
  • Continuous output power: 100 kW
  • DC voltage range (V): 300 to 750 V
  • Maximum continuous current (A): 350 A
Product Features
  • High speed reduction Unit for compact construction equipment 
  • Allows the use of compact, high-speed electric motors with standard Dana drivelines (1- or 2-speed) 
  • Compact and modular solution
  • Speed range and performance in line with hydrostatic motor 
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